2022 Annual Ecology Party Meeting, December 3rd

The Ecology Party’s 2022 annual meeting will be held on Saturday, December 3rd at 10am. Our bylaws require us to save resources, so the meeting will be by phone.

Please contact chair [at] ecologyparty [dot] org to make arrangements. We will need you to send us a copy of your voter’s registration at least 24 hours (preferably a few days) before the meeting to get the phone code to participate.


Welcome to the Ecology Party Website

The Ecology Party of Florida is dedicated to our role as an independent party focused on protecting the environment and its residents (plants, other animals, and humans) here in the State of Florida and elsewhere. Please take a look around our website and if our focus resonates with you, register with your local supervisor of elections as an Ecology Party member and let others know about us.


Statement on the Wuhan Coronavirus

The Ecology Party leadership has been distressed to see not only the terrible environmental impacts of all the disposables being used this year, due to the Wuhan coronavirus, but we are also very concerned about the erosion of civic and personal liberties promoted by certain factions that are using this virus as an excuse to institute draconian social policies.

For those over 60 years of age, there’s a greater than 98% survival rate with this virus. Overall mortality hasn’t changed, which means there aren’t more people dying than would have died of other causes this year. This is cold-comfort to those who have lost loved ones, naturally, yet perspective must be kept. We encourage you to read this article How Would You Prefer to Spend Your Last Holiday Season and consider the points made there.

Also, we agree with following the below steps that Robert Verkerk, Director of the Alliance for Natural Health International suggests, to try to avert a worsening economic and social catastrophe. We understand that compared to the slanted look mainstream media is presenting, that these statements may seem controversial; we assure that there is solid information to back them up.

  1. Governments, health authorities, and media should stop engendering fear of the virus and help people understand its impacts in the context of other respiratory diseases.
  2. Restore democratic process so the people’s concerns can be heard through elected representatives and executive authorities.
  3. Restore the normal function of society as far as possible by encouraging healthy people to resume normal activities
  4. Abolish government-mandated social distancing and other policies that serve to delay transmission among healthy people so naturally acquired immunity is raised more quickly.
  5. Abolish the use of masks and other face coverings in public settings, as there is no scientific basis for their use and they interfere with normal human interaction.
  6. Focus on efforts to enhance the natural immunity of all populations through encouraging appropriate diet and lifestyle practices. 
  7. Shield vulnerable populations until there’s evidence the virulence of the virus has passed.
  8. Stop national [SARS-CoV-2] testing programs as they are wasteful of resources, inaccurate, and disproportionately maintain the public’s focus on a single pathogen to propagate continued fear and aversion to it.

See also the ANHI’s comprehensive information at Covid Zone

Proposed Settlement between the EPA and Mosaic Fertilizer LLC.

The Ecology Party of Florida continues to fight against the environmentally destructive practice of phosphate mining. We recently submitted the following comments on the proposed settlement between the EPA and Mosaic Fertilizer LLC.

From 2011 to 2015, the EPF has provided public comments on every stage of the phosphate mining AEIS process, including comments on the harmful cumulative effects of fertilizer production and on harms from dumping hazardous waste into municipal water systems for “fluoridation.” The COE and EPA have ignored those comments, so we submitted a 60 day intent to sue notice. At the time, a donor had promised to pay for the law suit. Unfortunately, she reneged, leaving us, and the other organizations who joined in the letter, unable to pay for the suit to go forward.

Clearly the blatant NEPA violations of federal laws by EPA and the COE must be challenged in federal court. This is your opportunity to make a great investment in the environment by helping fund our federal suit and force these agencies to comply with NEPA and all other relevant federal laws. Please contact us for donation logistics.

Regulate Fluoridated Waters And Chemicals As Drugs

It is time to convince the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate fluoridated waters and chemicals as drugs.  On June 1, 2015, ten organizations, including Food and Water Watch and Fluoride Action Network, joined together to submit a Petition to FDA requesting adoption of a regulation that would make these waters and chemicals both drugs regulated by FDA to ensure that they are safe and effective.  The Petition was assigned docket number FDA-2015-P-1977 and FDA is accepting your comments in support of the Petition.  To read the Petition left click on this hyperlink: http://www.regulations.gov/  and into the “Search” box enter FDA-2015-P-1977 and then left click the SEARCH button once. You will get a page similar to the one pasted below:
When you get this page, left click on any of the “Open Docket Folder” links that will be on the right side of your page.  You will get a page similar to this:


Note that Petition content is summarized by FDA in red at the top of this page and states that the Petition: 
  • Requests that the FDA issue a regulation in 21 CFR Part 250 (or in another appropriate Part) stating that fluoridation chemical additives and fluoridated drinking waters are drugs pursuant to section 201(g)(1) of the FDCA when the intended use is to aid in the prevention, mitigation, and/or prophylactic treatment of dental caries disease (tooth decay, cavities).
When you get this page, you can read the 10-page Citizen Petition [signed by] Gerald Steel on behalf of ten organizations by left clicking once on “Citizen Petition from Gerald Steel.”  On the next page that opens, left click on the pdf symbol.  On Windows 7, you will likely get a box on the bottom of the page asking if you want to “Open” or “Save” the file.  Left click “Open.”  The pdf of the Petition will then be on your screen for you to read.  On Windows 7, you can left click the file button in the upper left corner and choose to print or save this document.
When you have finished with the Petition or if you just want to comment based on the FDA Summary, start with the page similar to the page pasted in above and you left click once on the box that says “Comment Now!” and a page similar to the page pasted below will open:
If you want to submit a letter or other documents as attachments, left click on the “Choose files” box under the words “Upload file(s)” just under the “Comment” box.  You can then browse on your computer for your files.  Your attachments must be in Word or in pdf files.  You can attach multiple files of mixed Word and pdf types but the maximum size of all attached files in one Comment Submittal is 10 MB.  You can submit multiple Comment Submittals but you have to start over from the beginning for each one.  You can type in your First and Last names or, if you don’t, your comment will filed under “Anonymous.”  You can click either, neither or both boxes below the first and last name boxes.  If you left click in the box for “I want to provide my contact information” a box will open up for you to give your state or province, country, zip code, and email address (whichever apply).  If you leave the box for “I am submitting on behalf of a third party” checked, then fill in the requested information, or otherwise uncheck the box.  Finally, on this page you must select a category for the person or organization making the comment.  Popular are “individual consumer” or “other organizations.”  Then left click the “Continue” box on the lower right corner and a new page will open for you to preview your Comment Submittal.

You can type your comment into the “Comment” box or you can paste a text-only comment into the “Comment” box (with a maximum of 5000 total characters).  You have to put something into the “Comment” box even if it is only a description of your attachments.  When other people access this docket, they will see what you put in the “Comment” box, they will be able to read any attachments, and you will only be identified by your country, state or province, and your “category” which I will explain below.

To make edits, click the “Back” button (upper left corner) or the “Edit” box (lower right corner) to return to the previous page.  Make the edits, and again click the “Continue” box.  When you are satisfied with your Comment Submittal, check the box on the lower center part of the page next to the words, “I read and understand the statement above.”  Then in the lower right corner, click the “Submit Comments” box.  A page should open with a Receipt saying, “Your comment was submitted successfully.”
I recommend that you print this Receipt because it has your comment tracking number or better, if you gave your email address, you can click the box “Email Receipt” and you will get even better information in an email.