This constitution is superior to the by-laws and any by-law or platform item in conflict with the constitution shall be void in its entirety.

The constitution, having been adopted, is not amendable, although items that augment but do not fundamentally alter this document may be added with a 60% vote of the membership. Voting membership shall be defined in the by-laws.

The Ecology Party of Florida (henceforth the Party) is dedicated to our role as an independent party to transform politics in the State of Florida.

It is the position of the Party that there is a crucial need in this state and the nation, for an alternative political Party founded foremost to be an alternative to the existing political parties. Respect and reverence for, preservation and restoration of, the planet and its physical systems, for transparency and accountability at all levels of government, are our goals.

Our reasons for being are to promote the election of our members in accord with our goals to positions of political responsibility in the state of Florida, as well as the promotion of similarly oriented candidates in national races; to accomplish this we will align ourselves with like-minded parties. Secondarily, we wish to educate the public as to the wisdom of our core values.

To this end, we affirm our adherence to certain core values that shall be inviolable. Should any of these core values be changed or violated by the party, the party shall cease to exist and the officers shall disburse the treasury to organizations dedicated to furthering our core values. Should any of these core values be violated by a candidate, that candidate will officially cease to be a candidate of the Ecology Party and shall surrender all rights to the use of the Party’s name for any purpose.

It is the intent of the Ecology Party of Florida to attract only those people who respect and adhere to its core values.

Core Values

Reliance on the Precautionary Principle

Which principle states that proponents of a potentially harmful technology or practice must demonstrate conclusively that the new technology or practice is harmless before the new technology or practice is adopted, or that damage is inconsequential and any harm easily mitigated at the proponent’s private expense. All Party candidates, platform, and other items of the party shall adhere to the precautionary principle.

Independence from the Corporation-Controlled parties

The Party and its affiliates are forbidden to endorse candidates from the Democratic or Republican Parties and/or Democratic and Republican affiliated parties and/or parties that have cross-endorsed Democrats or Republicans in any political race. Any member doing so shall by such action forfeit any participation in the internal affairs of the Party.

Respect for members and for the Party

The Party will respect and count the votes of its voting members (as defined in the by-laws) and the members are expected, in return, to respect and carry out the core principles of the Party. Any member or affiliate who works against the core values or who violates this Constitution shall forfeit voting membership.

Leading by Example

It is the firm belief of the Party that its actions should be a model for others to follow. To this end, the Party commits to support best and most sustainable practices (environmental, compassionate, socially responsible, feminist, fair-trade, organic, nonviolent, animal rights…) in conducting all its official business and events. The Party will educate its members and the public on the wisdom and importance of these principles.

We are a Peacefully Revolutionary Party

American democracy is broken. Any real vestiges of democracy are being eroded and this is the direct, absolute responsibility of the two major parties and their corporate sponsors. Between them they have devised a system that silences the voices of the people. They have gerrymandered electoral districts and institutionalized “winner takes all” voting structures so that most voters have no partisan or ideological choice. They have so corrupted the political process with money that it is currently a sham. They stubbornly defend the Electoral College system, which gives voters in low-population states three to four times the power to elect a President than voters in populous states and discourages Presidential candidates from presenting themselves before the majority of Americans. Together they have created archaic and draconian ballot access rules to keep other parties off the ballot. We will only overcome this state of affairs by non-violent revolutionary action. The fact that peace and nonviolence are essential values to us means that we must overthrow this system with iron determination and steadfast persistence, instead of violence. We must be focused and unmovable. We must inspire and lead a dynamic and unyielding political and social revolt with the aim of restoring our ecological, social and political communities. The major parties and the multi-national corporations are the enemies of sustainability in the United States. They will never give up any real power without being forced to do so.

Participatory Democracy

We believe that those who participate in the work of promoting the core values and goals of the party, who are aware of, and keep abreast of the issues, should be the ones to make the internal party decisions. It is the duty of the party to provide transparent and accountable leadership to the members and it is the duty of the voting members to participate in decision-making and to contribute resources to the functioning of the Party.

Opposition to Corporate Power

We recognize the importance of environmental issue-oriented advocacy at the city, county, and state levels. We also recognize that another type of advocacy is needed, one that focuses on the systemic conditions that enable corporate interests to drown out the voice of the people at all levels of government. Corporations have persuaded the judicial system to grant them constitutional rights as if they were real persons. They fund think tanks and universities to frame public debate. With costly lobbying and campaign contributions, corporations buy laws that continually enhance their powers.

We strongly believe that corporations, which are legal fictions, created by state law, should not be accorded legal rights that the U.S. Constitution confers upon people. We believe corporations should not be permitted to contribute to political campaigns. Unfortunately, the courts now recognize corporations as “persons,” and it is deemed a violation of the corporate “right of free speech” to limit their campaign contributions. We believe this is absurd and undermines our political system as well as life on this planet. The result of treating corporations as persons under the law is that government of the people, by the people, for the people has become government of, by, and for the corporations. A peacefully revolutionary political party is essential to restore America to the republic envisioned by its founders.