Proposed Settlement between the EPA and Mosaic Fertilizer LLC.

The Ecology Party of Florida continues to fight against the environmentally destructive practice of phosphate mining. We recently submitted the following comments on the proposed settlement between the EPA and Mosaic Fertilizer LLC.

From 2011 to 2015, the EPF has provided public comments on every stage of the phosphate mining AEIS process, including comments on the harmful cumulative effects of fertilizer production and on harms from dumping hazardous waste into municipal water systems for “fluoridation.” The COE and EPA have ignored those comments, so we submitted a 60 day intent to sue notice. At the time, a donor had promised to pay for the law suit. Unfortunately, she reneged, leaving us, and the other organizations who joined in the letter, unable to pay for the suit to go forward.

Clearly the blatant NEPA violations of federal laws by EPA and the COE must be challenged in federal court. This is your opportunity to make a great investment in the environment by helping fund our federal suit and force these agencies to comply with NEPA and all other relevant federal laws. Please contact us for donation logistics.

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